Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weekly Happenings- Short Week... some random deals

Our weekend starts today! The best part about our weekend is..... We don't have school on Monday either!! Bring on Holy Week!

One year our school had a snow makeup day on Good Friday which was disappointing. That year I was reading on our neighborhood Facebook site that one mom wrote a note for her kid to please be excused for Good Friday because her child would be attending a funeral... JESUS' FUNERAL! Her absent was excused.

I didn't think I would make it to bible study on Wednesday because Lucy had been sick the day before. BUT with 24 hours without a fever, I sent that kid to school.

Speaking of Lucy being sick, I realized, which I've known, that I do not have the heart of a servant. I start out good but once my patient starts requesting things on our own I'm done. So my servant's heart could be described as Convenient Servant... when it's convenient for me... which is the worst kind of servant. That night after doctoring Lucy all day we read The Last Supper bible study for our holy week reading,  Jesus hit his knees to wash the disciple's feet humbly and in love, He served them without grumbling... without accusing them that they should have been washing his feet...

God penetrated my heart and I'm working on serving in love.

 Back to bible study, my BFF, Morgan, led worship! I watched her practice.

After bible study, I ran to Plano to take a meal to a mama who just had a baby. While I was in Plano I decided to run by Nordstrom Rack, and they were having a clearance sale! Take an additional 25% off of clearance and 50% off of dresses. I bought 5 dresses for $30!!

Some new shoes!
$7.50 Toms, 7.50 wedge, $15 boot!

Caslon $10  |    Bobeau $5      

 Splendid (I paid $8 at the store)              $8 Lush Dress                         $8 Lush Dress


(Tinted moisturizer + Blush + Lipstick= Summer!)               ( Lipstick= $8 at Nordstrom rack )

Reader Question- Where did you get your amazing zebra dress you wore on date night? - loyal reader...
(Actually, it was my sister and she rarely reads here... (but she has 4 kids so I get it..) and I think she just wanted to borrow my dress so she was bringing it up in conversation...)

My amazing zebra dress (she just called it new blue shirt) is Lily Pulitzer and it's from Thredup. All my lily is from thredup...

Speaking of thredup... I have my eye on a few things.

I've had some questions about how I shop Thredup. I save my sizes and then I usually type in my favorite brands- Lily Pulitzer, Jude Connally, Vineyard Vines, splendid, J. McLaughlin, Boden...

If you click on my thredup link you get 40% off your first order and a $10 credit!

Alright, that's all the random things I know. I'm going to work in the yard today and run to the grocery store. Exciting Day!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.

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