Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friday Favorites- pompoms and things

Happy Friday! These are a few of my favorite things!

1. Pom-Poms

Finally fashion has caught up with my style! :) I'm loving all the embroidery, pompoms, tassles and fiestaware! I'm hoping this style stays a while!

2. Matilda Jane Sale

Matilda Jane is having a sale until Monday! I've ordered Lu a couple of things for next fall! She won't wear the ruffles but she still likes the tween line! If you need a trunk keeper you can use mine- #709.

3. The Man in the High Castle

Jonathan and I have enjoyed this show. It has a lot of history, Nazi's, Japanese, resistance, and a little kissing thrown in... something for everyone! Basically, imagine that Germany and Japan had WWII and taken over the US. There is only 2 seasons and a third on the way... I prefer to watch a show that is finished filming so we can binge all the episodes... Did I say I loved this show? Because I do...

You can only watch it on Amazon Prime. You can get a free 30 day trial here.

4. Kobo candles

I can't keep a candle lit in my house because my kids keep blowing them out! But these candles smell so good! I bought these on major clearance in the fall and they are still lasting!

5.The Best Yes

I'm reading this book with a friend. It has been so good for me to analyze my decisions. Two questions I've been asking myself 1. Does this glorify God? 2. Does this benefit my family? If I stretch myself thin with things I don't love and don't glorify God then they aren't a best yes.

6. Last, check out my latest Collin county mom blog post. What would you add to the unspoken mom rules?

That's it! Have an excellent weekend!

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