Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer of Fun

The kids and I came up with our summer of fun list! 7 more days of school!

This is Henry's last summer before he starts kinder and I want to soak him up because once they start school time flies! I'm not ready for my baby to grow up so fast.

Our summer of fun will include:
Vacations- Turks and Caicos and Colorado
Visit Family- Arkansas and Tennessee
Going to Lake
Going to Movies
Teach Wesley Tricks
Camps- VBS, explorer camp, kinder camp, spend the night camp for Lucy!
Play with Cobles x 100
Play with friends x 100
pool playdates
school supply shopping
zoo trip
summer workbooks ( I added this one...)
Family Movie Nights
Pizza Night
Rail Yard Date
Six Flags
Read 20 books
water park
Main Event
Lake picnic

I'm printing out a calendar so they kids can see when and where we have these things planned!

Are y'all ready for summer?

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