Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Review X2...


We celebrated Mother's Day with a trip to church. Henry spent the night with Aunt Laura and I had Emma Grace. Emma Grace woke up and gave me a hug and said, "Happy Aunt Mother's Day!" I love her like she was my own. 

After church we drove to the Flower Mound and had lunch and spent the afternoon at the pool. The kids had the best time swimming in the freezing water.

Saturday Night

G-daddy took the two big girls on a date to the Symphony. The girls sat so close that they could see the musicians emptying their spit traps and that was the talk of the night! They had a great time. I can remember my dad taking me to the Birmingham symphony, I would always fall asleep.

 While the girls were on their date, Jonathan and I went to a Adoption Finalization Fiesta.

 Saturday we also finished our last volleyball game.

Friday Henry and I started our day with Muffins with Mom. I love this sweet boy and his precious preschool.

 Henry ate His muffin, my muffin and another just for kicks.

 After muffins with mom I ran to the gym for a yoga class. I wore this tank and I don't know if it is worse that I wore it in public or that my mother in law bought it for me... (I love Jesus but I cuss a little...)

 Thursday we had Kindergarten Orientation. My kids were so excited!

 Henry is ready! I'm having a hard time with my baby going to kinder.

 Thursday we also had a playdate with our best Bud.

I also did a story on Instagram about growing plants.... One day I did one on what I ate for the day... Life changing things are happening on my stories... I'm thinking about doing one where I jump out and scare people and film their reaction.... You can follow along HERE or at @mbost20.

 Here's a normal lunch for me... I love beets!

Tuesday Henry and I had a lunch date with some special people. Henry was a little irritable during lunch and then passed out once we got in the car.

 Alright last weekend we finished all the sports with 2 soccer games, a tot performance and a volleyball game.

 Henry improved so much during the season! He even scored two goals during the season.

 He had a sweet group of kids and great coaches.

 During his tots performance I kept adding up how much money I had spent for him to learn how not to dribble... But he loved it and even wants to play basketball now.

 Last Friday Laura and I got together and went thrifting and checked out the Restoration Hardware Warehouse sale. (Not worth going...) We ended our time together with soup dumpling and dreamed of going to New York to eat at JoeShanghia

Now you are caught up!

A couple of Notes-
1. It's almost summer time which means this blog will become less consistent  (most likely...) You can keep up with us on Instagram. I know you need your bost updates on what we are eating...

2. If you liked my dresses in the pictures they all came from thredup.... I love thredup and it has kept me in Lilly all spring! If you are a new customer you can get 40% off your first order. Also if you sign up here you can get a $10 to spend! They are always running coupons and the inventory changes hourly!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.

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