Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weekly Happenings- Last day of Preschool and comparisons

 Yesterday was Henry's last day of preschool! He's had such a wonderful school experience so far and we are so excited about the next chapter in his life- elementary school. My mama heart hurts so bad with him growing up 1. he's my baby. 2. once they start real school then time really does start to fly by!

We are going to enjoy our summer together and make the most of our time together!

Look at my big boy on his last day or school!

 A little comparison

1st vs last day

Yesterday we heard a knock at the door and were greeted by 2 elementary school teachers! They had a welcome package for Henry! He was so excited! He told them he was ready for kindergarten!

And just like that my baby is in kindergarten or as people from Texas say- He's in Kinder.

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