Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weekly Happenings

 I meant to blog this week besides just Monday. I even hinted at it on Monday's post. And then I didn't. Mainly I was being lazy.

On Monday I said I woke up on Sunday and felt like myself for the first time in two years. Saturday night I wrestled with Jesus, or myself, or maybe he slapped me around.... I'm not sure, but through the struggle I realized that I was holding on to some things that I needed to hand over to him... So I did, and every time I would find myself handing off and then suddenly they would be right back in my hands and then I would throw them hot potato style back to him and after all the handoffs - I quit taking them back.

I woke up at a peace. Peace with myself, peace with those that I was holding on to, and a peace with life in general. Since I woke up on Sunday, I've had 4 good days where I've felt like myself! I'll ride that wave as long as I can. The funny thing about climbing out of grief is that it can quickly pull you back under... So daily I am prayerfully taking on my day and asking God to hold closely the things I love dearly and trust him with them, they are his anyway...

Back to feeling like myself, it took Jesus and time to do this. I've tried medicine, I've tried food, I've tried shopping, I've tried sleeping... (I don't drink anymore or I would have tried that too...)

Again, I'm riding the waves, good days and bad BUT the point of this story is I'm feeling more like myself!

Speaking of feeling more like myself, I started back to the gym. I used to be in the gym 3-5 days out of the week and since June (Jonathan's last seizure) I quit going... I've missed the stress release. So, I'm back to the gym!

Monday I tried a spin class. My tush hurts but I loved the calorie burn.

After the gym I voted in the local election. Frisco people, election is Saturday!
I am also back to healthy eating. I shared my lunch and love for beets on Instagram and the responses I got were that people aren't beet fans? True? I love freshly baked beets!
Wednesday I wrote my last check to preschool and I almost cried! Jonathan has also decided that he loves a beard.

After school drop off I went to a new gym class and tried to take a pic for a friend.
Today I started my day with a tomato and spinach omelet. I'm sharing my food on Instagram stories today. Why? I'm not sure, but I like to see everyday life...
Lucy has a vendor fair where all the kids have to sell an item and they get to buy items... we are selling plants... I have an overgrown house plant that needs to be cut back. So we cut it, put it in water and are now waiting for it to grow roots. Total cost for project- $0. My hoarder tendencies have come in useful a time or two and this is one of those... I have cellophane, dirt, cups, ribbon...
Also, May the 4th be with you! Jonathan took his light saber to work today...
I know what you are thinking... there's nothing sexier than a man that loves star wars...
hands off ladies, he's all mine!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.

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