Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites- Randoms and Family

| one| Dog Fence Window-

 I can't quit laughing. Wesley Bost would love this!

| two |Face Wash

I visited my dermatologist last week and we talk about some trouble spots I was having on my face. I never had acne until I hit 30 (and for the first trimester I was pregnant with Henry). She recommended getting a face wash with glycolic acid in it... That sounded scary so I went to and read reviews.
I bought this and am waiting for it to come in. Also if you order online and spend $35 you are eligible for a free gift, just type in the code Summerscore.

| three | Brows

One of my favorite things about getting older is that my eyebrows quit growing and somehow have large gaps missing... I don't know.. I've never been a big waxer or tweezer but now I'm a huge fan coloring in my eye brows! Not dramatic just enough to look like I actually have eyebrows. I received a sample of this in a Sephora purchase and I'm loving it!

| four | Family Time

 This is what $40 at main event looks like...

| five |Laundry Catch-up

I was so behind on laundry this week. I had a weeks worth of clean clothes next to my bed. Last night I turned on a movie and sat and folded clothes for an hour and a half. I'm finally caught up! That is not a favorite but being caught up is!

| six | Summer Favorites

Wednesday I joined a blog hop and shared all my favorite skin protecting products!

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