Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites

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||one|| birthday presents

My baby girls will be nine in less than 20 days. It has gone by too fast and the bad thing is I can't remember all of it! I'm thankful I've kept this blog so I can go back and see our day to day! 2017 is the year of the family birthday party. I actually prefer this and I think the kids like it too!

What does a 9 year old girl want for her birthday?
THIS... She learned about it from a commercial while on vacation.

She also wants press on nails. It's cheaper than a party!

||two|| swimsuits

I wish Lucy's swimsuit came in my size... That skirt is to die for. I have two favorite places to get swimsuits Here and Here. Lucy's suit is last year's model...

Hat found HERE
 Hat found Here

 I bought my suit + matching components a year ago and they have held up so well. I'd like to add a piece as need be and thankfully so far the colors always match and coordinate! My sister had a pair of high waist swim bottoms that could be rolled into a skirt or up high to cover tummy. That would be convenient for vacation, I start out skinny and by the end of the week I've eaten everything in sight and could use more tummy coverage!

||three|| Rompers

Are Rompers still in style? I really don't care... I love them so much. I love any outfit that's a complete outfit- dress, jumper, romper... That way it's easy to put together an outfit. I bought my romper from thredup and Lucy's from a boutique in Arkansas. I've passed down my love for the romper to Lucy!

||four|| Liter sale

Beauty is having their liter sale. I stocked up on my Paul Mitchel shampoo and conditioner. The liters are all $14. It's a great time to stock up!

||five|| Turquoise and White

Since getting home from the beach all I want to do is paint everything in my house turquoise and white. I'm starting small and calming down my spaces!

Happy Weekend!

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