Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'm sharing all of my favorites from this week! There are affiliate links in this post, which means if you click on or buy from a link I may receive a tiny commission. It doesn't cost you anything to click, you can think of it as a Thank you, Mary for spending an hour putting together this list!

{one}Slow Week

I was kid less until Wednesday, which was very nice! I did all the back to school shopping, I ran to stores just because... I didn't cook, I didn't do laundry... I finished all of meals without sharing! It was nice but it was even nicer getting my kids back. I like being a mom and I love my babies!

{two}Movie Date

Cookie and Lucy went to the mall yesterday to do some birthday shopping. Lucy loves the mall and they walked every single store! Lucy finally announced that her legs were tired! While they shopped, Henry and I went to see Cars 3 in the upstairs theater. It was a fun date for us and a cute movie. I got teary thinking we won't have any more Mama and Henry Tuesday and Thursdays! My baby is growing up!

{three}Back to school Bags

Lucy's backpack requirement was that it had to have a lot of zippers and pockets. I went ahead and ordered last week (before the amazon under armour sale...) and got them both these. I love the quality and plan for them to use them for atleast 2 years- I'm hoping 3.

Lucy's Bag (but teal)  |   Henry's Bag (but red)

{four}Amazon Prime Day

We ordered a few things for amazon prime day... I ordered the kids lunch boxes, expo markers, papermate pens, panties, and pants.

Jonathan ordered a flashlight, wallet, leather cleaner and printer toner.

{five}Nordstrom Sale

I can't really get excited about this... When I heard they were having a sale I knew I had to check it out but I'm more of a clearance sale kind of shopper... Nordstrom has marked down all of their new fall items. If you are a card holder you can shop now. I signed up for a Nordstrom debit card during Christmas, I'm not a fan of credit cards so this works well for me.


A friend gave this to me after Jonathan was diagnosed with Cancer. I have worn it everyday since. I'm not kidding, it's my favorite! A friend's kid asked her mom "Why does Ms. Mary always wear a blanket." I've never seen this marked down so it's a good deal. Instead of $92 you pay $60.


This is under $40 and the lowest I could find it online was $55. Would make a good Christmas present.


Jacket Under $30
(this is cheaper than thredup...)


Jacket (reversible)

Note-I'd rather shop thredup or the clearance rack.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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