Friday, July 28, 2017

Some Sales that you should know about.

I found a few bargains that I wanted to share with you all!

{one} North face Jacket $44

Today through the 31 of July you can order a North Face Jacket from Proozy for $44 with free shipping with the code NF45 at checkout.

{two} Lipstick
Tomorrow you can get a free full size tube of lipstick at the mac counter. I'd look online for specifics but with no purchase this is awesome!

{three} #nsale for less

Have y'all seen all the hoopla over the Nordstrom sale? Well, I checked it out and couldn't get into 30% off. But I was watching an instastory of a friend and she was raving about the Spanx Faux leather leggings... So I logged on and saw that they were $60... So I logged off... and two days later I was still thinking about these leggings... So I ordered them. I spent $70 on leggings. If you know me then you know how crazy this is but I had some birthday money and I really wanted them...

Now, Here's where it gets good. Two days ago I was casually scrolling through thredup and guess what I found in Excellent Condition and in my size? You guessed it The Spanx leggings and the best part they were $8.00! You bet I ordered them! They will come in around the same time as my Nordstrom and after a quick comparison I will send back the Nordstrom leggings.

Another Love that I was eyeing at the #nsale was the Barefoot dreams cardigan. I have one in black and have worn it everyday for two years. It's still perfect but I noticed they were marked down to $60... Well while I was on thredup I found one in my size for $20... NEW!

If you sign up through my link you can get a $10 off your first order on thredup and on your first order you get 40% off. Can't beat that! Happy thrifting, Friends!

Have an awesome weekend!

This post contains affiliate links, It doesn't cost you a thing to click on the link but I do earn a small commission if you purchase from a link! Think of it as a thank you, Mary for putting together this list!

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