Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Weekend Review- Birthdays Galore

Last week was my birthday and to celebrate my friends took me out to lunch. Since all of our kids were in camp together it was convenient to slip away together. We enjoyed coffee and then hit the road to a local tea room.

 At the tea room I pulled out a bag of accessories for fun. Julie chose the fur for her Ladies who Lunch costume.

 Ellis didn't need a costume, she wore her bonnet, smocked dress and pearls. She knows how to lunch.

Aren't my friends beautiful!

 We ate pretzel salad and pimento cheese sandwiches! I can't wait to take Lucy to this little jewel of a teahouse.

My family knows me well! For my birthday they gifted me a giant peace lily and a bird of paradise plant. I adore plants...

 I thought I wanted a fiddle fig leaf tree but I can't baby sit a plant and their finicky life style wouldn't do, the bird of paradise is very hardy!
My family treated me to lunch and dinner and Jonathan did bath and bedtime which is the greatest gift ever!

 Henry also learned to shave...

 Friday was a day that Lucy had been waiting on for at least 6 months.  July 21 the new Descendants 2 movie played on the TV. Lucy planned a viewing party! They all enjoyed it and we enjoyed playing with our friends while the kids watched.

So how do adults play? We did my birthday puzzle that Julie gifted me! (Julie is a puzzle master...)

 I'm embarrassed to say this but on Saturday my mom stopped by and we sat to do this puzzle and 4 hours later we got this far...

 Sunday, July 23, we celebrated Lucy's 9th Birthday! Time sure does fly when your having fun (or raising babies!). Henry woke up throwing up so we didn't go to church... (Thankfully he had a 5 hour bug...) Lucy wanted to eat subway for lunch.
   She also wanted either a poodle cake or a poop emoji cake...

 We planned to see Despicable me for Lucy's birthday but since Henry was sick we waited and did that on Monday. We went to the 9:30 showing and then enjoyed an afternoon together.

 My kids were wild yesterday. I finally made them shower and put on their pj's. After they were dressed I announced they could sit and color, sit and read, or just sit! Henry didn't want to do any of those things so he pouted on the chair... 5 minutes later he was asleep for the night! I love a 5:30 bedtime...
In case you were wondering, I finished my puzzle yesterday too!

And that was our weekend of Birthdays! We have a relaxing week of no activities planned for this week!

Enjoy your week!

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