Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend REview- camp and escape

I love getting a text asking if we want to go swim in an hour! The answer is always yes! Because it is hot in Texas! It's also that time of summer where my kids are tired of each other, tired of me, have teamed up against me and every chance they get they sneak off and on to some electronics...

Here we are at the pool, I hope we can reenact this picture when they are teenagers!
Lucy's birthday present arrived and we had the best time being Forensic Scientist together. This is a wonderful way to open her eyes to different careers and I'm thankful to say she thinks it would be fun to be a scientist instead of a chickFila checkout girl. Which has been her lifelong dream since she was 3.
  I ordered this here, and every month she will receive a kit with different science experiments! Right now they have 15% off special going on!
 We followed the directions and after an hour had broken down a strawberry into goo and then extracted it's DNA!
Saturday, Lucy went with me to the Women's escape. She had camp drop off and I thought it would be easier if she went with me since it was at the church and I would be there anyways.
  Look at all those campers and their leaders! Praying for a fun filled, safe week for these guys and that the hearts of the non-believers would be soft where JC could work his wonder with them and that the believers would come back with a deeper love for their savior.
 I hope Emma Grace and Lucy have so much fun!

 After I dropped Lucy off I high-tailed it back to my women's conference to see Luci Swindoll talk about journaling. Luci might be better than Chuck and her love for him almost had me in tears. She adores her brother and it was the first brother/sister relationship that I've seen that the two were close and adore/respected each other. And since I am close with my sisters and don't have brothers I've always worried about this!

 There was a door prize drawing at the end of the event and I guess who won!? ME! You would have thought I won the price is right, I was so excited! My friend Megan was also a big winner! (I won bundt cakes and she won movie tickets!)

 Molly/mom did all the decorating for the event and even pulled out their bambi trailer for pictures. I'm so proud of my mom and her involvement with the church.
 That was our weekend! We are enjoying our last few weeks of summer before school starts!

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