Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weekend Review

Weekends are always low key for us, Saturdays are sacred and I don't make plans that is meant for family time (or soccer games). Sundays we go to church and I take a nap.... That's our usual weekend plans.

This past weekend we loaded up the car and headed to Arkansas for a weekend at the lake and farm with family.

But before we left the kids made a giant mess tent.... Henry's exact words were "Mom, we worked really hard on this, please don't tell us to go clean it up..."

 We left for Arkansas on Friday after work. We arrived around 9. None of us went to bed until 11ish... My kids and Wesley were up bright and early on Saturday morning. Henry and Wesley did a little window hunting.

 We left for the lake where the kids spent the day paddeling around with their cousins.

 They even caught a turtle.

We went for a boat ride and found a shady spot to jump off the pontoon. Henry jumped off the roof 100 times. I cannon-balled my father in law which tickled me to death.

 My love. (this is my serious face...)

Wesley spent the entire day outside and was worn out from being a farm dog.

 Sunday we went to see Mamaw Vel. My fil was teaching her how to use facebook. :)

 We wanted a picture but this is all Henry could give us...

 Jonathan and his brother with Mamaw Vel.

 Becky and I went to the flea market and an estate sale afterwards while the boys went to the lake. We joined them at the lake and played for a while. Jonathan and I ditched our kids and drove to Texas before anyone noticed.

That was our weekend. I've enjoyed 2 kid free days. I took a nap and did th

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