Wednesday, August 30, 2017

While the kids are away, the moms will play!

 The kids have been in school for 8 days. I haven't settled into my regular at-home-mom-routine yet but it's coming. What I have been doing is playing with my friends. I've tasted sweet freedom and it taste so good!

On the first day of school, Julie and I hosted our Back to School kindergarten brunch. Julie took me thrifting for my birthday and we found her dress and decided we would go 80/90's denim teacher for our brunch. So we did.
 And then we surprised all of our friends with our denim frocks.


On the second day of school, we had our traditional pool day. We spent the entire day at the pool... it was amazing! Later I was telling my mom about how I was trying to get into a normal mom routine and then I said something about going to the pool all day and she said, "What kind of mom routine is that?". One I could get used to.... Just kidding...

 I ran into my bestie, Rachel, at the rhea lana drop off! I love her and miss her since she has moved an hour away!

 Girl's night out with my journey fellowship friends. We ate at the heritage house and it was delicious! I brought home fried pies for dessert for Jonathan and I to eat and I was voted #1 wife in the world!

This week I was planning on being more responsible but then a friend invited me to see a movie and eat lunch. It was a blessing to my soul to catch up with this friend and I'm thankful we got to watch the saddest movie in the world together and eat tacos. *We saw Maudie, which is a sweet love story but it is sad to watch. We both cried throughout...But it was good... but sad!

Next week bible study starts back up so I know I will have my Wednesday planned. Thursday I plan to work in the workroom at the school (I do this because when I finish I get to kiss Henry at lunch!). I've started back to the gym which I love because Pam goes and we get to have get in shape/bff time. Yesterday, we sat next to each other and did our makeup and traded beauty secrets!

I've enjoyed my time playing with my friends! I miss my kids and my house is very quiet but I'm loving this new stage. Speaking of this new stage, God has been asking me to do something and I've ignored him... but then he open my heart to this idea and I've started working on it. Y'all can pray that 1. God is glorified. 2. I keep my heart soft to this project 3. My mind open to what he is telling me... (I'd tell you what it is but then I'd have to do it... and really put myself out there... just pray that God's will be done...)

Alright, I'm off to the gym!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tales from Kindergarten

I'm sure these are just he beginning of Henry's kindergarten adventures but I wanted to write them down so I didn't forget.

1. After the first day of school I asked Henry if he had made any friends. Henry gave me the side eye and said, "No, not yet. But I'm not whining and crying about it..."

2. "Mom, kindergarten is the best! You won't believe  this! Mrs. May is the best teacher because... I mean, mom, you're never going to believe what she has! She has brand new crayons. They have never been used! They are so sharp and pointy and they color so good!!!"
(he's a little cod...)

3. "mom, will you please pack me a lunch. I am the only kid who goes through the lunch line.
I thought he was lying... I didn't pack him a lunch and you'll be happy to know that half the class started using the lunch line!

4. "mom, I didn't get in trouble... I just got moved on the carpet. I kept pulling my face apart and saying, "I pull my cheeks apart!" It made the kids laughed, so... I got moved..."

I'm sure there are more to come!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Back to school! Kinder and Third Grade

 I took a little blogging break the past week (actually the past month...) but now I am back!

School started again! I've sent them off into the real world! Henry started kindergarten and Lucy started Third grade.

Henry was really excited (but a little nervous, mom...) about starting Kindergarten! He has the same teacher that Lucy had and we absolutely adore her! He's already loving school and he's loving the school lunches. I have some funny/sweet stories I'll share tomorrow about Henry's first week.


Look at my baby girl! She has grown up so much! She has been waking up to her own alarm, picking out her own clothes, and packing her own bag/water bottle/lunch.

 Neither of these kids were excited about this picture in front of the school but they did it for their little ole' mom...

Henry and Mrs. May

Lucy and Mrs. Rayer
It's going to be a good year!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Making Messes + Family

School starts on Monday and if that isn't overwhelming I've taken on a few projects this week. Ready?

Attack of the tree! Our tree has exploded and some of the branches were hitting our roof. I couldn't reach them with my regular pruners + a ladder so I bought a tree pruner and I had too much fun cutting branches...

 See... I could have kept going but my husband might have killed me...


Second Mess

This is our guest room... it's covered with all of my rhea lana items that I have to tag and sell... My system... I pull out all of the things that I have gathered throughout the year out of the guest closet and then shut the door until the last minute...

This weekend we are having cousin camp! My twins are spending the weekend with us while their parents ran to NWA for the weekend! We made pizzas last night and the kids loved helping!

 We also had family movie night and watched Boss Baby.

Today we are finishing up Kindergarten camp, we meet the teachers tonight, I'm finishing up rhea lana and a Costco run with my bff for our kindergarten brunch....

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

End of Summer and a list of posts...

We are wrapping up summer around here! School starts on Monday! I'm ready for our routine and structure. I'm also ready for my kids to quit touching me and hearing "Mom? mom? Mom?" 75,000x a day. I love you kids but get out of my face!

Henry started Kindergarten camp at a local church this week and Lucy and I have been catching up on laundry. We celebrated the end of summer with a cake on Sunday!

Things I'm going back to blog about...

The day my friends and I killed it at the beach with our professional mom game...

Our trip to Colorado. I'm having withdrawals from our little vacay.

 Aunt Emily is in town and she has been having an epic battle with Henry. Those are henry's words, if you know me then you know I hate the word EPIC...

My nephew is now bigger than his mama... and me...

And last, I've been updating some spots and rooms in my house and I can't wait to share the progress... After 5 years I'm trying to pull my house together!

 Slowly I'll make it through the list. Be on the lookout! Also, next week be looking for Back to school pictures! My babies are going into 3rd and Kinder!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I have to share what I learned from Luci Swindoll this weekend at the Women's Summer Escape! I'm hoping they will post her online so you can all fall in love with her and her journaling tips. I'm going to go ahead and share what I learned by please note these are not original to me they came straight from Luci Swindoll.

Reasons to Journal
  • Helps sort through the mental clutter
  • Improves insight and understanding
  • allows us to see how we change over time.
  • We can keep track of our mistakes so we grow and learn from the past.
  • We can see the past, present and anticipate the future.
My favorite reason- It gives me time to talk to myself.

8 Benefits to Journaling
  • You write down your goals which helps you articulate those goals and process your thoughts.
  • It's a permanent record of progress.
  • Writing helps you think through the whys. Why am I doing this? If you know the whys then all the other questions will fall into place.
  • The journal reminds of problems solved in the past.
  • Helps us think beyond the obvious. We become more intentional.
  • helps look forward rather than back.
  • We can see how far we have come and looking backwards would be foolish
  • It provides written accounts that inspires others if we choose to share.
How to Start Journaling
  • Find a process that works for you.
    • I've always used my blog as a journal of sorts. But lately as my children have grown I don't think it is appropriate to share as much information so I've been journaling in a book. I've also been journaling those dark brain cancer moments, the ones where my heart is tired and ugly.
    • I also keep a prayer journal. It helps me stay focused during my prayer time and also so I can go back and see how God has been working.
    • I've even kept detailed calendars that I would jot important dates/events/quotes on that date.
  • Write everyday. (or try to)
  • Write for yourself not others, substance is better than style.
  • Don't be motivated by length.
  • ecognize the need to tell your story. You may keep this private or you may want to share.
This reenergized me and the writing of my/our story. I want my kids and grandkids to see our written account and see how God has led us through the trials of this earth and the way we respond while living in hell. The good, the bad and the ugly.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.