Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I have to share what I learned from Luci Swindoll this weekend at the Women's Summer Escape! I'm hoping they will post her online so you can all fall in love with her and her journaling tips. I'm going to go ahead and share what I learned by please note these are not original to me they came straight from Luci Swindoll.

Reasons to Journal
  • Helps sort through the mental clutter
  • Improves insight and understanding
  • allows us to see how we change over time.
  • We can keep track of our mistakes so we grow and learn from the past.
  • We can see the past, present and anticipate the future.
My favorite reason- It gives me time to talk to myself.

8 Benefits to Journaling
  • You write down your goals which helps you articulate those goals and process your thoughts.
  • It's a permanent record of progress.
  • Writing helps you think through the whys. Why am I doing this? If you know the whys then all the other questions will fall into place.
  • The journal reminds of problems solved in the past.
  • Helps us think beyond the obvious. We become more intentional.
  • helps look forward rather than back.
  • We can see how far we have come and looking backwards would be foolish
  • It provides written accounts that inspires others if we choose to share.
How to Start Journaling
  • Find a process that works for you.
    • I've always used my blog as a journal of sorts. But lately as my children have grown I don't think it is appropriate to share as much information so I've been journaling in a book. I've also been journaling those dark brain cancer moments, the ones where my heart is tired and ugly.
    • I also keep a prayer journal. It helps me stay focused during my prayer time and also so I can go back and see how God has been working.
    • I've even kept detailed calendars that I would jot important dates/events/quotes on that date.
  • Write everyday. (or try to)
  • Write for yourself not others, substance is better than style.
  • Don't be motivated by length.
  • ecognize the need to tell your story. You may keep this private or you may want to share.
This reenergized me and the writing of my/our story. I want my kids and grandkids to see our written account and see how God has led us through the trials of this earth and the way we respond while living in hell. The good, the bad and the ugly.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.

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