Wednesday, August 30, 2017

While the kids are away, the moms will play!

 The kids have been in school for 8 days. I haven't settled into my regular at-home-mom-routine yet but it's coming. What I have been doing is playing with my friends. I've tasted sweet freedom and it taste so good!

On the first day of school, Julie and I hosted our Back to School kindergarten brunch. Julie took me thrifting for my birthday and we found her dress and decided we would go 80/90's denim teacher for our brunch. So we did.
 And then we surprised all of our friends with our denim frocks.


On the second day of school, we had our traditional pool day. We spent the entire day at the pool... it was amazing! Later I was telling my mom about how I was trying to get into a normal mom routine and then I said something about going to the pool all day and she said, "What kind of mom routine is that?". One I could get used to.... Just kidding...

 I ran into my bestie, Rachel, at the rhea lana drop off! I love her and miss her since she has moved an hour away!

 Girl's night out with my journey fellowship friends. We ate at the heritage house and it was delicious! I brought home fried pies for dessert for Jonathan and I to eat and I was voted #1 wife in the world!

This week I was planning on being more responsible but then a friend invited me to see a movie and eat lunch. It was a blessing to my soul to catch up with this friend and I'm thankful we got to watch the saddest movie in the world together and eat tacos. *We saw Maudie, which is a sweet love story but it is sad to watch. We both cried throughout...But it was good... but sad!

Next week bible study starts back up so I know I will have my Wednesday planned. Thursday I plan to work in the workroom at the school (I do this because when I finish I get to kiss Henry at lunch!). I've started back to the gym which I love because Pam goes and we get to have get in shape/bff time. Yesterday, we sat next to each other and did our makeup and traded beauty secrets!

I've enjoyed my time playing with my friends! I miss my kids and my house is very quiet but I'm loving this new stage. Speaking of this new stage, God has been asking me to do something and I've ignored him... but then he open my heart to this idea and I've started working on it. Y'all can pray that 1. God is glorified. 2. I keep my heart soft to this project 3. My mind open to what he is telling me... (I'd tell you what it is but then I'd have to do it... and really put myself out there... just pray that God's will be done...)

Alright, I'm off to the gym!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.

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