Tuesday, September 12, 2017

An update on time and this space on the internet...

School has been going for three weeks now. I am starting to establish a routine as a kid-less, stay-at-home mom. I've felt a lost in identity and I'm still navigating the waters to my new role. With all this said I still plan to blog, I just haven't figured out when exactly I'm going to do it.

Shouldn't you have more time now that you don't' have kids around you all the time? Yes... Yes, I should. I think I was scared of all the time so I filled it the past weeks. I also didn't like the thought of being alone at home but I've learned that I actually love it!!

Is it amazing having your kids at school all day? Yes. Yes it is. Not because they aren't here but because I can get so much done! I can complete a thought or two and I can work on projects around the house, at the school, or help a friend with her projects. I'm also able to have the house calm when they get home and we just get to enjoy each other.

What have you been doing? (because you haven't been blogging...)

I'm the room mom for Lucy's teacher. It is college week this week so I decorated her door in Baylor garb.... I was going to slop some stuff up on the door (because Baylor...) but then I learned it was a competition and I like to win... So... I painted this Baylor Bear and I made a Baylor wreath and I decorated her door.
 Cute, right?
 Sports has started back up, too! Lucy is playing soccer and volleyball and Henry is playing soccer. That's three practices and games a week.

 This pretty much sums up 5 year old soccer.

 Today is dress like the career you want, Lucy dressed as a teacher and Henry as a engineer.

I'm studying Colossians at women's bible study. I'm also doing Sophia Hudson's devotion during my quiet time.

I've started going back to the gym... And Jonathan and I are volunteering with the youth this year!

There's also a new thrift store in town so I've been checking it out...

So, It's a new beginning for all of us. I plan to keep updating this little space on the internet.

That's it.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.

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