Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Being Home and Updates

I've spent the last two days by myself at home! I have loved every minute of it! I worked on laundry yesterday: washing, folding and putting away, for 4 hours yesterday! I have accomplished so much just by being alone (and motivated...)!

The only downside to being at home so much is I have started adding to my project list and I can't seem to shake the feeling I need to update some things...

New Project list

Paint Laundry room

The walls need a fresh coat of paint and I'm loving the greige of Agreeable Gray. My laundry room is tiny but I think I want to paint the back wall the Naval Blue.

I recently bought this sign for the laundry room and I love to be in there! Right now it's an additional 30% off with free shipping. (not an affiliate link).

Remove Carpet Downstairs

I actually measured the spaces that I wanted to put hardwood in and I just need 900 sq. feet...


I'm looking into having my kitchen cabinets painted and glazed. I love this look!

I'm going to start with the laundry room!

Happy Wednesday!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.

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