Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites!

A list of my favorite things this week...

one- Sherwin Williams is having 40% off paint today through Monday. I'm going today to buy the paint for my laundry room!

two- Coffee Mug Exchange

Jessica from Life.Love.Reality and I were partnered for the Mug Exchange that a couple of bloggers put together. After exchanging information we discovered 1. we live 10 miles from each other and 2. we have a mutual friend. Instead of mailing our mugs we are going to meet in real life to exchange our mugs! How exciting!

three- Wednesday
Wednesday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. It starts with bible study at our church with a group of wonderful, godly, grace-filled women who are hungry for Jesus and his word! Wednesday ends with Jonathan and I volunteering with the youth and I'm so excited about our group of girls this year, after laying the guidelines of safety we could quickly see the girls warming up towards us and letting their guard down. (No completely but a little)

four- coffee date
I have a coffee date with my mom and sister today. My mom is teaching Laura and I a new way to study the bible. After our lesson we are going to go thrifting.

five- thrifting
I ran into a thrift store yesterday and walked out with 6 lululemon skirts. I picked them all up because I knew I had some friends who might want one. (and at $8 for brand new skirts I just couldn't' pass them up!)

That's all I've got! Enjoy your weekend!

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