Wednesday, September 27, 2017

MRI + What's up Wednesday

First, Thank you for everyone who has been praying for Jonathan and his MRI that was yesterday. He received another stable scan and we can breath easy for another 3 months until he has his next one. I had some questions on our MRI schedule- the first year after chemo we go every 3 months, the second year he will go every 4 months, and then we will go every 6 months.

I'm participating in a bloggers link called What's up Wednesday, basically it's a catch up of what we are doing....

|| EATING ||
M- spaghetti
T- Chickfila (we ate with my sis after Taylor's football game)
W- Leftovers before youth
T- Sausage balls and fruit
F- Pizza Night
S- Leftovers
S- Chicken salads to start the week.


With the hurricane news I've been thinking about Turks and Caicos and our trip there in June. I wish I was there to help rebuild or knew how to fix power lines. Most of the island is still in standing water, without power or running water. The country is poor and depends on tourism and that won't be up and running for a few more months.

|| LOVING ||
I'm loving the thought of cooler weather, it's below 90 in Texas this week... so basically it's fall.

|| BEEN UP TO ||
I've been dreaming up a house improvement list. We have set some priorities and I can't wait to get these projects done. See my dream list here.

I've got to tighten up my budget so I will have project money...

Painting my laundry room.
I finished Lucy's class boosterthon pennant. unfortunately, she wants to go to Baylor now...


I'm really excited that I can see a little of myself in Lucy... Not because I want her to look like me but because I've always thought they both looked just like Jonathan.

We are finishing up season 4 of Person of Interest. We used to love this show and then quit watching real time TV. We have been binge watching on Netflix.


Praise music on Amazon Music. I just realized I had access to this because of our Prime Account.


I've been shopping my closet again and realized I have a lot of clothes that I love... (because I have to quit shopping because one. I do it to combat stress. two. I need some paint money...)

This was my bible study outfit for last week, it looks fall but is cool enough for our 95 degree days.

Soccer games and Volleyball!

Next week the kids have a little fall break and get a 4 day weekend!

My nephew is playing football. He chose a jersey last year without knowing the meaning behind his jersey.... Good thing he had a team of 7th grade boys to tell him.
For laughs he got the same jersey for this year....
I don't know what's funnier- him playing along or us cheering for him with our new badges...
 We love the # 6 + 9!
(I don't want to write it out because I don't want pervs on my blog!)

|| Bonus question this month: What TV show are you most excited about this fall:||

These are all Netflix shows...
I'm looking forward to new seasons of-
Stranger things
The OM
The Crown

I hope you have a blessed week and finish it out strong!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.

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