Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mug Exchange

I follow some of the sweetest bloggers that are truly into building community in the blogging world. This month they hosted a mug exchange and partnered us up with another blogger. All of these women are scattered throughout the US and my partner just happened to be Jessica from Live.Love.Reality. and she lives 5 minutes from me!

What are the chances of that?

We decided that since we lived so close to each other we might as well meet in person! You are going to be so happy that Jessica is exactly who she says she is and she didn't kidnap me or kill me when we met at the local Starbucks!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and it wasn't a struggle? Everything flowed? You could move past the small talk and into actually getting to know someone? That's what it was talking to Jessica! It was so great to meet her and I can't wait to meet up again and encourage each other in life and blogging...

 Here we are before the big reveal!
 (I wear white after labor day because I can, it's not biblical not to, and JC is my only boss!)

 I gave Jessica a mug that I found at Dillard's and it said Namastay in Bed... Which made me laugh. I also gave her a fall candle!

Jessica is a better gift giver and she gave me not one but TWO mugs and a candle!
I opened the small cup first and said this is huge! I love a big coffee cup! Then I opened the second one and was shocked that a coffee cup could be so big and excited to put that baby to good use!

I loved participating in this exchange and meeting Jessica in Real Life! She's perfect! (except she is an Aggie... )

Check out a host to see the other mugs that were exchanged! You can also enter to win a $50 gift card!

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