Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Weekend Review: Labor Day

We traveled to Arkadelphia this past weekend. We left Friday night and didn't arrive until l1. The kids + Wesley slept half the trip!

Saturday morning, Becky and I traveled to hot springs to check out the Grow 75% off sale! Lucy racked up on some designer duds! I love to shop the sale in person but you can also check it out on their Instagram account. We also ran by the Dillards because Becky had a hunch they were going to have an additional sale.... And they were having a secret sale! Everything that was 65% off was an additional 50% off! ( I did the math, that's 82% off the original price!) We scored some great things!

  After our shopping adventure, we went fishing on the pond. Henry loves to fish, he sat so patiently waiting for a bite!
  He actually caught the most fish!

 Look at that sweet face!

I love to fish too! I caught this guy and a catfish!

 The kids had a lot of fun fishing/making as much noise as they possibly could!

 And playing with their catch...

Sunday we decided to take a couple of pictures of the kids together. It was a total fail for the Texas Bosts.


 My kids have excellent poses, especially their hand placement.
The only child that would cooperate was Wesley. This is why he is my favorite child. (He's also the only child I have that got my curly hair....)
 If I could sum up our weekend with a word it would be DRIVING! That's all they did... They drove the mule...

 They drove the golf cart.

They drove the John Deere gator...

There was a trip to the lake and a lot of eating! We love going to visit family and playing in the country!

I hope you have a fun short week!

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