Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gift Guide 2017- girls

 I love putting together a gift guide- 1. it's like online shopping. 2. I tell my kids they have an important job in helping me but really I'm getting them to tell me their Christmas list. Today we are focusing on girls (7-11ish...)
 Wonder Books
Lucy's teacher read Wonder to the class and Lucy was obsessed, we've been slowly reading through the others. It's a great story for any age but especially for school age kids because it deals with a kid who is different, how his friends treat him and dealing with a bully.

Lucy is playing Basketball this winter!

We bought Lucy a dry erase board for her "classroom". She is in love! She does her spelling words and math problems on it daily!
This is all the rage in elementary school.

Any other kids obsessed with slime?
We bought this subscription for Lucy for her Birthday! She loves getting a monthly box! We have more fun reading and working through the science experiment.

Happy Shopping.

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