Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween Dress Up

 A week ago we celebrated Halloween with a little Dress Up Fun! It started with Jonathan walking out in a suit for work. Jonathan's usual work attire includes a t-shirt and jeans. He said he was Security.

 Halloween Night Lucy arranged a little party with her friends, who happen to be our friends! Julie was the cutest cat and I was Tired. It wasn't a stretch and by the looks of my eyes I was playing my part well!
Lucy was Maleficent and Henry was a Halo Man.

 All the kids!

I love these sweet friends!

 And I love this guy!

 These Tri-Delts just pledged!


 And here we are with a little photo bomb.

 My kids love Halloween because it is silly. They especially love when Jonathan and I dress up and act silly too!

Now that Halloween is over, I can decorate for CHRISTMAS!!! I love Christmas and celebrating the birth of our savior! Happy Birthday, Jesus, Let's Celebrate!

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