Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gift Guide- Boys

 This is my first Gift guide of the season! I'm starting with the boys!

Quick boy tip- They like guns, bombs, swords, handcuffs, or any other weapon that exist... If you take away their toy guns, they will use sticks to shoot each other, if you take away their sticks they will use their fingers, if you tell them they can't use their fingers then they will start shooting each other with their pee.... God has programmed them this way. I'd start the conversation on gun safety....

Here are a few things that any little boy would love!
 1. Nerf Doomland Lawbringer Blaster

2. Jumbo slow rising Squishy

3. BB-8 Lego Set

4. Rock Science Kit

Henry is into rocks! We bought a book on gems at the book fair and he hasn't' put it down!

5. Plants vs. Zombies Set

6. Plants vs. Zombies books

7. Silky Star Wars Boxer Briefs

This is what santa is going to give Henry. Silky undies. These are his favorite #1 undies ever, because they are soft and silky. I surprised him with these once and he declared me the BEST MOM EVER!
That's a start for the boys!

What do your boys want for Christmas?

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