Thursday, November 9, 2017

Weekly Happenings

Some how I have been really involved with the PTA. If you show up to the school they will put you to work. I have found that the school is on extreme lockdown and you have no access to your kids (You can have lunch with them...) unless you are on the PTA and I roam the halls and the school like I own that place.... My kids love seeing me and I love getting a hug and a kiss from them during the day!

Last week was the book fair and these ladies worked so hard putting together a successful event! I just showed up to work the cash registers...

Last week we finished our regular season of soccer and volleyball. Lucy has a tournament this weekend and then we will take a break from those sports for the winter.

 I made this big declaration in front of people of how we are going to take the Winter off from sports and relax and how we all needed a break. Then our soccer team invited us to play Basketball with them and Lucy begged to play. So we are playing basketball this winter.

 Jonathan's parents were in Canton last week and they found one of the items on my WANT list... Do y'all have a want list... I'm always on the look out for unique things and I had told Becky about wanting a tobacco basket (because my BFF, Marci, Has one above her fireplace and I fell in love with it when I visited last year....). Becky found one and David haggled with the man to get it for a steal of a deal!!
 Another Item that Becky found in Canton was my beloved Disco Ball. She asked if I needed anything from Canton and I said, "Look out for a disco ball." And she found one... And I love it.

Last weekend we had some buddies over for dinner and play time.

 Remember the PTA... Well they no parents signed up for the 4th grade veterans day program decorations so I was volunteered. I made solider silhouttes and poppies for the side of the stage.

You can check out my final product on Instagram.

The rest of my week involved Bible Study, Wednesday lunch group and an evening with my youth girls! Tonight I have a girl's craft night with friends. And this weekend we planned an intentional no plans weekend and I'm putting up Christmas!

I hope you have had a great week!

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