Thursday, November 16, 2017

Weekly Happenings

Just a phone purge of pictures from the week!

Before bed, Jonathan and Henry got a little hair styling by Lucy!

Last week we attended Taylor's last football game! I love football, even at the junior high level!

I ran into the school to hang up some decorations for veteran's day and got to have lunch with my little man!

 Last Thursday Lucy was sick from school with an ear infection. She was pretty down and out but I enjoyed spending the day with my baby!

 We had lunch at Panera.

That same day Henry and I played in the leaves! Have you ever seen a prettier face?

 After a round of antibiotics Lucy was out racking leaves.

Thursday Night I attened  a craft night with my fellowship girls.
 We made gather signs.

I made the worst one....

So I went home and did a little free handing.

 Friday Henry had a Thanksgiving Lunch. His class got to present what they were thankful for, Henry is thankful for his sister.

 Henry loves life.

 I'm glad his Manna got to attend.

Friday night was the start of Lucy's volleyball tournament. We one our first round of games and continued to Saturday morning where we lost well in the second round of games.

 I'm glad I get to do this with my friends.

 Saturday was also Henry's end of the year party.

 Tuesday night Morgan and I met with our youth small group of girls. I love these sweet girls. We planned a small mission project to fill two operation Christmas boxes.

Yesterday was our bible study feast and I did a little shopping with a group of girls afterwards. Amy and I needed a picture because we were twins!

Now you are caught up on all our doings. I did forget to mention that my house is decked out for Christmas... That's what I did the rest of the weekend!

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