Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

We spent the Thanksgiving break in Arkansas! We woke up early Monday morning with a stomach bug.... So we didn't leave until Tuesday! Thankfully no one besides Henry got sick.

 By the end of the day he was feeling like himself and eating!

 Tuesday afternoon we arrived in Arkadelphia for some grandparent fun! Papaw taught henry how to measure things...

 Wednesday we dug for diamonds in murfreesboro, ar.

 It was a fun experience but we didn't find any diamonds....

 Thanksgiving day, Jonathan flew into little rock and joined us in Arkadelphia!

 Lucy made a turkey platter

 And we ate until we couldn't eat anymore.

 Friday we went to Hot Springs to dig for Crystals! We found bucket loads of Crystals!

 We played on the farm Saturday and headed home on Sunday.

We finished our break by making slime.

 Happy Kids!

One thing we didn't get to do ove3r the break was to see the new movie wonder. So Monday I picked the kids up and we went to the movies after school!

  And that was THanksgiving 2017. We have a lot to be thankful for!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Weekend Review + Weekly Plan

Remember when I used to write a blog? I sat down today to catch up on the past two weeks! I'm going to spread it out throughout the week then I look like a more consistent blogger....

||Weekend Review||

Jonathan and I attended his work holiday party. We got dressed in our best cocktail attire and headed to the Omni at the star where we ate, and played arcade games. The theme is usually casino night but they changed it this year to include video games. It was a lot of fun until I played ms. pacman and screamed loudly for all the hear when I died. (It's more stressful than I remember.)

 Jonathan's co-worker's wife, Tiffany.

And last fuzzy picture I took... Thankfully they had a professional photographer there and I'm waiting for our step and repeat pic.

I bought my dress off of thredup. It's a Temperly London which would be my favorite brand if I were a billionaire. For now I'll have to snatch up all the consignment clearance dresses that I find. (you can follow this link to get a $10 credit + 40% off your first purchase.)

 Temperly London- $2000 vs. Thredup $60

 Saturday we ate dinner with my sister and her family and my parents. Fun was had by all! Check back tomorrow to see a thanksgiving recap!

||Weekly Plan||

||To Eat||


I have no idea...


Salad + salad + more salad

Protein shakes
Green Smoothies

Snacks and sides

hummus + carrots
graham crackers



Bagels/cream cheese

||To Do||

Finish Christmas Shopping
Wrap Presents
Make a bunch of cookies...
Basketball season has started...

 ||To Study||

mother and sons book
precept upon precept- Colossians
The case for Christ- Youth

What does your week look like? 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

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