Wednesday, January 3, 2018

December in List Form

Pretend it is still December...

1. We went to Jonathan's work party. 

( I want to marry this dress....) 

 2. We decorated for Christmas.

3. We celebrated Christmas with our Journey Family!

4. Lucy started basketball. Note* My left handed beauty shoots right handed, she is also the tallest kid out there... She jumps for the jump ball, she is the point guard and she guards the center... Her favorite thing to do is steal the ball...

5. Henry loves to draw! There is this neat youtube channel they use in school called ARTHUB and teaches then step by step instructions to draw their favorite characters.

 6. Lucy attended a high school church function with me.

 6. I hosted the Journey girls cookie exchange at my house.

 7. I painted faces at the Snow ball! The kids loved having me there!

 8. We had our first friend spend the night party with the Huffmans.

9. A bobcat got in our backyard.
 10. Morgan and I hosted our youth group party at my house.

 Lucy loved being a big girl.

11. We had our first baking day with the huffmans. We made cinnamon rolls, cookies and a mess.

 12. We celebrated Christmas with my family but before dinner and a movie I took lucy to the dr. She had an ear infection.
 13. This is the only picture I took on Christmas day....

 14. We went to Arkadelphia to celebrate Christmas with the Bosts! An hour after we arrived Wesley got kicked by a horse and broke his leg... We left two days early...

15. We ended 2017 with a bang... We started 2018 with Wesley having his broken leg fixed. I now know how much an arm costs in the saying that will cost an arm and a leg...

Good Bye 2017!

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