Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Favorites: Sites on the internet

1. Marco Polo
This is an app that everyone needs to go download. It is video based messages. Like a text message but you leave a little video message. This is great for when you have a story to tell someone and it's too long to text and doesn't really warrant a phone call.... I group chat with my friends, my sisters, and anyone else I can recruit.

2. Art Hub
This is a youtube channel and Henry loves it! It's a dad who does step by step directions on how to draw your favorite characters. I gave Henry a notebook and he just draws and draws.

3. My eBay store...
I opened an eBay store. Basically henry won't wear anything that isn't athletic wear so I pulled everything out of his closet and put it on eBay. And once I saw how well that was selling, I put some of Lucy's clothes on eBay. And once I saw how well that was going I put some of my stuff on eBay. Then Jonathan's pre-cancer clothes. I'm having a blast listing and selling on eBay. My next step is to just list everything in my closet, why? I only like to wear 10 things in there why not get rid of the rest.

Also, you know how I love to thrift shop? Well now you can see some of my great finds at great prices... that you can buy.

4. Thredup...

If you aren't shopping thredup then you are missing out... I bought a pair of ray ban aviators for $10... New, excellent condition.

That's all I know.... Monday we can go over my new year resolutions.

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