Friday, March 30, 2018

3 Things Friday

1. Eyebrow Powder
I went to ulta to buy some mascara. They had an eyebrow waxing booth in the front of the store. I decided I would pay someone to do my eyebrows instead of doing it myself. I'm glad I did. I asked the lady what she recommended to fill in eyebrows and she recommended this powder. AND I LOVE IT! The older I get the thinner my eyebrows get...

2. Sick Day
Henry was up all night Tuesday night/Monday morning with ear pain. This is the second time in 3 weeks that this has happened. I gave him drops, I gave him Tylenol. There was nothing I could do to ease his pain. Around 3:30, he sobbed, "Mom, God never takes care of me." I hugged him and said that God lets up go through hard and painful things so that we will rely on him. (No one likes that answer- btw..) Around 4:30, Henry yelled, "Yeah, my ear popped and I feel so much better! God does take care of me!" 

I was relieved with his relief but I knew what the pop was... His ear drum perforated for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. We will go back to the ENT in a couple of weeks. Maybe even for a 3rd set of tubes...

3. I found a new podiatrist yesterday. He was not crazy. He doesn't want to hack off my toe. He knew exactly who I was talking about when I mentioned my past podiatry experience. 

That's all I know. We have the day off from school today to attend Jesus' Funeral. Don't worry, Sunday HE IS RISEN. Just like he said he would. I find so much comfort knowing that God is exactly who he says he is. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What I've been doing...

So instead of blogging the past couple of  months I've been staying busy doing something I love...


My sister and I meet once a week and go shopping. We search for the best deals on unique and fun items and then list them in our ebay stores. I've sold some crazy things!

For example...
and some not so crazy things... 

 I also opened a poshmark closet but I still figuring it out.

Here are my stores!
Ebay Store: Too Sweet Sisters

Poshmark closet
(sign up here for poshmark and get a $5 credit on your first purchase- use code marybost)

Laura's ebay store

Have a wonderful day! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A comeback story....

I lost my toenail. Forreal it just fell off. First the top half. Then the bottom. I read that runners lose their toenails all the time. I'm not a runner but I'm active so I didn't worry. My mom saw it and told me to go to the Dr.... 

Over the past two years I have become an expert Dr. finder. I research, I ask friends, I ask other doctors- My family isn't going to just anyone. But for some reason I decided to just google Frisco Podiatrist and I called the first name that popped up. I called. Made an appointment and even better they could get me in two days later.

I walk into a small clinic. The receptionists was the Dr. He greeted me. He made jokes. I found it strange that we were the only two people in a small two room clinic. He examined my toe and decided it was infected. He then decided I needed X-rays to look at the bone of my toe. After x-rays, we went back to the exam room. And then I heard another man's voice, he was there 30 minutes early for his appointment with the Dr. The Dr. leaves and in walks this stranger into my exam room and says that he is with yelp. Do I want to be in a video? No, thank you. Is what I should had said... But I panicked and then he explained that he would just video me walking into the clinic and out, so I said ok. 

Why would a Dr. let a stranger walk into an exam room and talk to a patient? 
Why hadn't the Dr. hired an actress?
What was he going to do if I wasn't there? 
Why was he taking x-rays? 
What is going on?

The Doctor was funny. But by the end of my appointment he determined I needed two procedures and a boot..... I left. Also, The yelp man actually videoed my entire appointment... I was so uncomfortable and asked him not to film my foot which I'm pretty sure he did...

 I called my sister and said I just had the craziest appointment and I need all these procedures. We laughed about the yelp video and the Dr. 

So that night I told Jonathan about my appointment. And he didn't laugh. He told me never to go back there. I said no it was funny. He told me I didn't need a funny Dr. 

Here's the thing... Jonathan doesn't trust anyone and I trust everyone. So to prove to him that he was wrong and non trusting and I was right  I googled this Doctor by name.....

And apparently you can pay to get your name at the top of the google search because this Doctor had two successful clinics but they ended up closing because of Fraud and Identity theft.... 

So far my identity hasn't been stolen... but I'm probably going to be on this mans yelp video and/or a foot fetish porn site. If you find the video do not show it to me and we will never talk about it.... 

Moral of this story- Trust No one. Always get a Doctor Referral. Always say no to strangers who walk into your exam room. 

Now you might be wondering why I told you this story... I'm not sure.
I needed a comeback story and that's all I had to work with. 

I miss this space on the internet. Thank you all who have reached out. I was afraid that I ran out of things to say and God wasn't ever going to use me again. The more I worried about not being a vessel for Jesus the less I had to say.  But I was reminded that this little site is my memory keeper and my ministry. I can't say I have anything worth saying but I want you to see Jesus in our everyday. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Also, be on the lookout for sales.... cause I like to shop.
Thank you all who read here and encouraged me to come back. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.