Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Favorites: Birthday, Crawfish, Private Time and Sex Talk.

1. Jonathan's Birthday
We celebrated Jonathan's birthday on Wednesday. We are always happy to celebrate him and another year together! 38 looks good on him! (I am much, much younger than him...)

2. Jonathan's Birthday Present
I told him to take today off so we could celebrate together all day long! We have a couple's massage this morning followed by a nap and lunch... The perfect day.

3. Private time
Henry asked if Daddy and I were going to have private time while they were at school? I asked him what he thought that meant and he said it's when we kiss. I asked him if that is all he knew about private time and he said, "You kiss and watch tv." I told him that was exactly right!

4. Sex Talk with a Kindergartener
Speaking of Private time. Henry asked why boys couldn't have babies in their stomachs. So we talked about God's design for a family and the roles that he designed for marriage and different body parts. It takes a mommy and a daddy to make a baby. "MAKE A BABY? What does that mean?...." I shut down the conversation very quickly after this question. My reasoning, Henry isn't ready to be respectful with the words erection or sperm.... He would just add those words to his list of potty words and I don't think I could stand hearing him jump on the trampoline saying butt- poop- diarrhea- erection- sperm- Disclaimer- I was very open and honest and technical with Lucy when we had this conversation in kindergarten.

5. Crawfish
We are gearing up for a little crawfish boil this weekend. Family. Crawfish. Dessert. Best day ever.

Enjoy your weekend!

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