Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Follow Up...

Two Weeks Ago Jonathan had his follow-up appointment from this past May. In May we received inconclusive results. Meaning- there was a spot but no idea what it was. Unfortunately, the only way to get results was to wait three months to see if the spot grew or stayed the same. So we tried to enjoy our summer and to wait well.

So we waited. Until Two Weeks Ago. I dropped the kids off at school and et Jonathan downtown for his appointment. After an MRI and 3 hours, we finally had some answers.

Unfortunately, our answers were the worst case scenario... The Spot Grew.

Jonathan will undergo another Surgery on Tuesday, September 4.

Prayer Request
1. Successful Surgery. They remove as much tumor as they can without damaging anything.
2. Recovery is quick and uneventful.
3. The next steps after surgery- chemo, focused radiation, trials...
4. That we glorify God through this hard, disappointing situation.

This is hard. 
My heart hurts. 
But I know that God is bigger than this. 

(I had to wait 2 weeks to update this blog because a certain daughter of mine google herself and found that she was all over the internet... We told our kids tonight.) 

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