Friday, May 17, 2019

Two Weeks.

Two Weeks. Two Weeks without my Love.

How am I doing? I'm okay. I'm not wearing black and I'm not laying in bed. I feel empty, like a hallow person walking around. And I'm tired. My brain isn't working correctly either... It's almost as if I am walking in a Fog. I can't remember anything and my ADD is crazy right now. Time is moving very slow.

How are the kids? We took last week off of school and did something fun every day. We started with the arcade and ended with Six Flags. I was all out of fun by Friday. They started back to school on Monday and they have had a great week. The counselor and teachers prepared the class and gave them some ideas of what to say and how to be a good friend.

Henry said, "I don't like when people act like nothing happened. May 1st was a sad day for our family." And I agree. Thank you, everyone, for reaching out, sending cards, meals and all the other things you have done to love on our family.

A few pictures from the past two weeks.

 I spent the night with my sister and we showed up wearing the same pajamas.
 Six Flags Day. Henry fell in love with Roller Coasters!

Lucy played in her volleyball tournament last week. They made it to the championship but lost! Julie and I cheered the bears on in our Mama Bear shirts.

My kids took me to church on Sunday for Mother's Day. Henry was sweet and said, "I'll take you to church but I can't even drive...." I told him I would drive if he would open the doors for me. They also gifted me a 1-hour nap. At exactly one hour, Lucy brought me a cup of coffee and a homemade card. It was very sweet.

God is bigger than this and He is good.

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